Prepared & Responsive

We have to do more.

We have an amazing community and the kindness showed from neighbor to neighbor was tremendous.

Let us get together as a community proactively, to address and prepare for natural disasters, instead of only getting together in response to such disasters.

We must act instead of being acted upon.

Establishing a Flood Mitigation Task Force, made up of experts and citizens, to solve the challenges our city systems face is the first step.

As mayor I would transparently address why so many houses had sewer backup and find effective solutions.

Our response efforts should be planned out now and in place for the next disaster. Citizens should have a clear channel of communication from the city so that we can effectively connect resources with residents.

During the flood recovery process my wife and I started the Enoch Flood Response Facebook page to provide such a resource. In a matter of hours we had 700 people on the site coordinating efforts. After a few days there were over 1000 people actively collaborating with each other to help those in need.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.