Support for Cam

I know Cam to be a person who possesses true sincerity and concern for his neighbors and community. He serves selflessly and has a true desire and commitment to protect and enhance those around him. I believe he would work hard as Mayor and labor alongside the members of Enoch City and surrounding communities to positively advance growth and prosperity.

I am voting for Cam Findlay because he genuinely cares for others. As Mayor he would listen to the concerns & needs of the community and will fix problems or concerns as they arise. This is why I am writing in Cam Findlay for Mayor of Enoch.

I support Cam Findlay for Enoch City mayor. I have lived in Enoch for just over 6 years but have known Cam for almost 17 years. He has always been a leader and a man of action. It is easy to see the positive impact that Cam and his family have had on Enoch. From being instrumental in the forming of the Enoch Soccer League to the enormous help he was to the entire community during the devastating floods this year. Without Cam’s organization and leadership skills clean up and rebuilding would have taken much longer and been much more of a burden for our citizens. He cares about this community and is quick to come to the aid of his friends and neighbors here. Cam Findlay is definitely the man for the job!

I have known and worked with Cam for many years. Together we have been able to establish and grow the Enoch City Soccer league. What sets him apart is his unique ability to make things happen. He has a way of bringing people together to accomplish great things. He is always willing to listen to and work with differing opinions. I know that with his leadership Enoch City will thrive while finding creative and effective solutions to challenges our city faces! I am Writing in Cam Findlay for mayor and I encourage you to also.

Cam Findlay is the most community minded person I know. Within a few days of our family moving to Enoch he and his family knocked on our door with a gift and cheerful smiles to welcome us to the neighborhood. I highly recommend him for Mayor of Enoch!

Cam loves people and sincerely cares about them.

He loves our community and shows it by his commitment to serve and love both the adults and children of Enoch.

I support Cam as Major because I have only lived here one year and I know this family! I have no idea who the major is right now. Cam is involved with the community and is literally at every event with his family in tow! This is how I met and got to know them. Vote for someone who truly cares about Enoch!

Enoch needs a change. New blood can see the changes. Cam is the right man for the job. He knows how to get things done. It’s time for someone else to take over.

Enoch people: if you want our city to better plan growth and infrastructure vote for Cameron Call Findlay. I know he will go well above and beyond to get us what we the people want for Enoch. If you want more funds and recreation opportunities he is also our guy as he is very family oriented! Cameron and his family are amazing community members and go getters. We can trust that he will get things done if he can!

Cam and his Family are the kindest, friendliest and community conscious people I have ever met. They welcomed us into Enoch within a few days of us moving in. Cam speaks highly of Enoch and it shows that he has a passion for the future of our Town. He and the Findlay family have invited me to a variety of neighbor support events and I enjoyed working with them. I believe he will serve our Town for it's best interests.

Looking forward to a much needed change in Enoch.

We love the Findlay family so much! When our triplets were in the NICU we had just moved into our house and we didn’t know anyone in our new Ward. Cameron and another gentleman from our new ward drove down to St. George to the hospital to see what we needed. It didn’t stop there! Cameron and Jolynn brought us dinner our first night home with our babies.

Another time our van broke down on the freeway and Jody dropped everything to come rescue us! We love the Findlay family! If there is something that needs to be done you can count on Cam to get it done and get it done right! We will be writing in Cam Findlay for Enoch Mayor!

Supporters by Name

  • Ken Carpenter | Iron County Sheriff
  • Darin Adams | Cedar City Police Chief
  • Wade Adams
  • Kody and Brittney Orton
  • Wayne and Annette Johnson
  • Joe and Lea Church
  • Josh and Tara Maxwell
  • Matt Pace
  • John and Lisa Brown
  • Gabe Tilley
  • Cody and Susi Mortenson
  • Mike and Angela Walker
  • Cliff and Angela Adair
  • Clint and Le’chelle Pollock
  • Tim and Rebecca Daniels
  • Robert and Jessica Christian
  • Kevin Goldthorpe
  • Ruthann Andersen
  • Dustin and Jaci Gillies
  • Chris and Sam Macias
  • Justin and Jody Biggs
  • James and Raelynn Peterson
  • Mike Pace
  • Frank and Sue Phelps
  • Jordan and Shaundra Jolley
  • Glen Andersen
  • Dan and Bunny Stone
  • Jacob and Keena Burrows
  • Josh and Kaycee Tanner
  • Jason and Loni Beach
  • Ben and Sarah Joslin
  • Parker and Jennie Grimes
  • Elliot and Chanelle Lake
  • Terral and Mary Fox
  • Mike Kelly
  • Ryan & Jessica Wilkins
  • Lorin & Nancy Keate
  • Jerry & Brittnie Pacheco
  • John & Sarah Pace
  • Kade & Jessica Willardson
  • Robert & Aimee Carnesecca
  • Priscilla Cuara
  • Shaun & Celina Irons
  • Brooke Christian
  • Brandon and Kellie Nowland
  • KayCee Tanner
  • Gayle Long
  • Pricilla Cuara
  • Harry / Gayla Wittig
  • Velma Garrett
  • Dennis Greenwell
  • Bill & Peggy Randall
  • Gordon & Mary Batt
  • Josh & Mandy Jones
  • Denis & Linda Ayers
  • Jenny Vossler
  • Nick Peterson
  • Jeff & Kim Mc Allister
  • Dave & Tammy Steed
  • Jared & Kendra Peterson
  • Jim & Monica Carling
  • Jeff & Rachel Cowley
  • Dave and Tammy Steed
  • Mrs. Sue Braden